Schuylerville Summer Memories

As the summer begins and the snow and cold has finally disappeared

Saratoga Battle Monument
Saratoga Battle Monument, Schuylerville, NY

(for now), I am excited to spend more of my free time outside, in Schuylerville.  Walking through the village, I often enjoy stopping in art galleries and appreciating the local talent. I’ll sometimes walk with my parents and take them out to lunch or dinner, when they actually let me pay. I see kids with their families, reminding much of myself not so many years ago, running over the footbridge of Fish Creek,  seeing what wildlife they can spot. I listen to these same children talking about designs and strategies for the homemade boat race held every year in August and coming up quickly. The liveliness of the town is especially vibrant under the summer sun, and is my personal favorite time to be a young person born and raised and still living in Saratoga County.

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