Veterans Day, Our Heroes Seen and Unseen

Remember our veteransAs I prepare for Veterans Day this year, my heart is a little heavy. I have always been a huge supporter of the holiday and I truly believe in its meaning but there has always been a piece of me that has always felt a little snubbed. No I haven’t served and I am not a veteran but my dad served twenty plus years in the Navy making me a Navy brat. Since I was an infant the Navy life was all I knew. At just two months old I was already on the move. Wrapped in my baby blanket, nestled in my mother’s arms, I was a board my first plane on my way to Guam. From that moment on I could sleep anywhere and my family was always on the move. I was not in the Navy but my family and I were a part of it, whether we wanted to be or not.  Continue reading “Veterans Day, Our Heroes Seen and Unseen”